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at the at the Retreat in Maroni. It was the finish of a three course menu of Antipasta and Risotto (both ). Ingredients came mainly from the of Gerhard and @mariamierl Thanks to Sabine for the pictures ) I hope to see you soon at the next Dinner every second saturday of the month.

Back to this Restaurant after month and for my surprise they used the time. Very good to rebuild the place very nice! Happy to get back to normal very slowly or "siga siga" how we would say in Cyprus

with a mustard kaper sauce and vegetables. Served with Xynisteri from Vasilikon winery

Happy to see you all again soon at the at the 20th of March :) Don't stay devided > reconnect! I Send to everybody wherever you are!-)))

Don’t underestimate MOMENTUM > It is predator & creator moment at the same time! Life is like a blink of an eye and it can be over! Or in a blink all dreams are close like never before. Photo is shot by @sheann83 thanks for that!


After a long day sitting at the fireplace with a glas of wine and the people you love in your heart and mind is the best! The world is perfect! Did you start your fire place this year already?

Thanks for spoiling me every day :)

Another week full of challenges to restore a old building. The reward will be a space with over 300sqm. Where we can come together. It is the home of the . Can't wait to activate sandstone Arche room!-)

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