@Lizahadiz a lot coffee content will come soon. As we open little Café in the 1st oft August :)

at the at the Retreat in Maroni. It was the finish of a three course menu of Antipasta and Risotto (both ). Ingredients came mainly from the of Gerhard and @mariamierl Thanks to Sabine for the pictures ) I hope to see you soon at the next Dinner every second saturday of the month.

I thought going out to all the people who fight these fires at the moment. I am very grateful for all who rics their lives to keep us safe. And my thought go to those families who already lost loved ones in this fight! I hope this gets under control as soon as possible!

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For the coffee lovers here.
It's always good to write with good coffee.
Exotic coffee recipes from around the world.

:-) Show me the true colors! At the @secrset_paradise_beach I saw beautiful colors. Picture are without any filter! Thanks Cyprus for spoiling me everyday. I hope to see you all at the on the 10th of July )

New shining star for the Club Edition Finesse is ready! Running beautiful on electricty and gas. So we are mobil with our Events! Thanks to Tassos and @faema_official
to help me make it possible. Thanks to @mariamierl and Gerhard for shipping the baby to Cyprus! This is a dream come true!

is most wanted dessert for the at the Club Edition Finesse. For me it is also a look back to my french time at the Côte d'Azur and Filmfestival in Cannes. This dish works perfect here in because mature lemons literally falling into your hands from the tree. It is the best basis for a perfect tarte.

Regular meeting for expats in Limassol. We meet every second Wednesday in the month at the Retreat & Club Edition Finesse in Maroni. Topic of today: 2nd Citizienship in Cyprus. Countries aiming for the taxation by passport. We talked about how prepare for this upcoming event. What is necessary steps to protect yourself. Beside this we had great food and wine. Thanks to all

Adjusting a A2 from natural gas to preopan gas. What a ride! The machine is from Austria and runs on 50mbar but in Cyprus it is 30mbar. Changing Nozzels and ajust. I have to say that I learn a lot :) But now the retreat have a nice kitchen!

@diromuji thank for following me. The page in this post is mit reachable. Interesting topic anyway

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Heute ist 40. Todestag von Bob Marley

Er war und ist eine Inspiration sondergleichen

@Hucky ja stimmt. Aber hatte ich schon gesehen. Sehr gut gemacht. Muss demnächst wieder mein peertube starten

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