Truffels is a great ingredient! We had Truffel mash potatoes today last time before we start our new October menu for the members. It was served together with 72 hours slow cooked beef with three bottle wine reduction. With local ingredientes from the and oliveoil by Topervoli

Thanks again to our Filotimo members and guests who supported our project and made this possible > If you like to support a culinary & relax special place here you can become Filotimo Member at the Retreat & Club Edition Finesse. All member fees are counted again bills at the Restaurant > Thanks!!!

Today the sunset was crazy. The sun was hiding behind sandy clouds. Maybe it was not sandy instead rained down in the Mountains. Who knows? However it is amazing how Cyprus is painting the most beautiful sunsets into the sky :) Thanks for

With new tables funded by our we start into the next month of the @editionfinesse One of three main courses is the with 72 hours fermented dough and 🌶 from the Maroni The three course menu comes with as a starter and a dessert as a finish. Of course members have access to aged Cyprus wines. Wine of the month is

Adjusting a A2 from natural gas to preopan gas. What a ride! The machine is from Austria and runs on 50mbar but in Cyprus it is 30mbar. Changing Nozzels and ajust. I have to say that I learn a lot :) But now the retreat have a nice kitchen!

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