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+++ Faschismus kommt langsam Schritt für Schritt +++

Es passiert immer Schritt für Schritt! Es ist nicht plötzlich da sondern passiert schleichend! Und wichtig der Faschismus kennt kein Links oder Rechts: Er ist immer da wo Menschen die Demokratische Grundordnung untergraben und beseitigen wollen. Deswegen ist die schweigende Masse nicht frei von der Verantwortung sondern Teil des Problems!

+++ Dinner of Vision July 2024: Sicilian Night +++

Yesterday we chose the wines for the next Dinner of Vision on the 13th of July which will be a Sicilian Night with 4 courses:

Antipasto: Arancini
Prima piatti: Sarde a Beccafico (fish)
Secondo Piatti: Fase Magru (meat)
Dolce: Cannoli

We start like always from 7pm but you can earlier for a glas of wine.

RSVP | Reservation mandatory

After more then 50 years of abundance and two year of reconstruction a diamond of @maronihills start to shine again! The warm light is like hope for more old buildings to be put back into light. The Charme of this buildings is irresistible especially when they are combined with modern living comfort with modern bath rooms and kitchens. The Colors of sandstone are seductive. If you ever fall for slow down of timeless village atmosphere you don’t want to miss it anymore.

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We have put our chicken house into operation 🙂 We have been tinkering with it for a long time. We have built a new home for chickens with a sea view using old dismantling material from our construction sites. From now on there are eggs from our own 🙂

If you want to live in a unique place in Cyprus you need to see . Beyond the soulless new buildings, that you normaly get offered to you in Cyprus, you will find a home that is closely connected to the history of Cyprus. The village, known in ancient times as MAROVA, has a long history. It is surrounded by nature, exactly between Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia, making it ideal for a life with peace of mind and, if you need entertainment, with three large cities nearby.

Ich finde Berichte aus der Zeit vor dem "Wir müssen Russland besiegen"-Narrativ >

Come and enjoy the view from Maroni Hills

If you driving between Nikosia, Larnaca and Limassol you most likely will pass by Maroni. Make a stop and get on our Terrace and soon the Balcony of the Maroni Hills Development and enjoy the view. Either you just want a coffee or you want lunch or dinner. We are ready. With our new team Chef Tom and Service we are serving every day Tuesday to Sunday. See you soon.

More Infos: editionfinesse.Info

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